Food Recipes

Loose Hamburger Recipe

Hey Strong, Empowered and Classy People! We have another recipe!!! Life can be so busy and sometimes we can forget that we need to eat. This dish was created after a long day of work and I realized I was hungry, tired and didn’t feel like going grocery shopping. This meant I had to work …

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#JTPStorytellers Kelbells Direction

Can a Sista Dream?

My dreams are major. I sit and close my eyes wondering, “what is next for me?”. I dream of a better tomorrow. Today was not promised to me and I don’t take that lightly. Why should I? YOLO is what they are saying; “You Only Live Once”. I’m saying, thank you Lord for one more …

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Inspiration JaneThangPoetry

The Lens of the World Won’t Matter

So many secrets are out the bag Conniving friends are walking away mad money made money lost but can we will still cut the cost meaningless words of trivial vindictiveness coming from your body the language is spiteful I’ll be alright though Call me up, I’ll still be there Foolish of me, it may seem …

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